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What is Mimetic?

Data is power. Successful traders gain an edge via their ability to gather and interpret data ahead of the competition. Mimetic uses a novel approach: gather data about the most successful traders and exploit that information for maximum benefit. To be the best, mimic the best. Below you will find a brief summary of Mimetic’s flagship tools and their use case, which will be expanded and refined over time. Be sure to read the whitepaper for a deeper understanding of Mimetic.

The Mimic Index

At the core of Mimetic is the Mimic Index: a weekly report of the top 20 most profitable wallets from that week’s highly anticipated and successful token launches. The report is generated by Mimetic’s proprietary data analytics software and available only to Mimetic token holders. By studying these wallets, Mimetic holders can draw insights from successful traders - tracking which tokens they bought, size of trades made, entry/exit points, and more. Phase three of Mimetic will bring the tools directly to the holder’s hands. Holders will be able to search any token to study its most profitable traders.

Profitability Tracker

Presently, no simple solution exists for tracking a wallet's profit and loss (P&L) on ERC20 and BEP20 tokens. Mimetic's profit tracker will enable users to determine any wallet’s P&L for a portion or the entirety of its trading history. This tool will only be available to Mimetic token holders. Not only will holders be able to study other wallets, but study their own trading history as well. Insights gained from using this tool will enable Mimetic holders to find the most profitable wallets and in conjunction with other tools, to track and copy their trading techniques and activity, providing the Mimetic holder unmatched trading agility and an oracle into macro and micro trends occurring within th ERC20 market.

Buy and Hold Mimetic with Confidence

Fair Launch

Mimetic will offer no pre-sale opportunity and initial liquidity will be locked before launching. Furthermore, the developer will hold no Mimetic tokens. Mimetic user can join without worry of presalers or developers dumping their tokens.

Liquidity Locked for 2 Years

Maintaining its commitment to integrity, Mimetic liquidity is locked for 2 years from launch.

No Hidden Developer Fees or Tokens

With no tokens held by the developer the Mimetic platform will yield a 5.5% developer fee.

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